Friday, July 10, 2009

Si Min Birthday 25 years old

Birthday Girl's fruit cake
Same cake
Family pic together
Yeo, Mian, and her mother & father
Later go dinner Pop Inn
Good background
Happy couple to be...
I suddenly become a boss...
Chicken Chop & Lamp Shoulder
Mi@n & Yeo
All of Mi@n friend celebrating her birthday
at Cherating Steak House
A poster at there
Mian & Yeo
with birthday cake
Girls photo
One of the present she received.
Hawaii !!!!!!!
Hope she enjoys her birthday.
Every year also pretty, happy, energetic & may all her wish come true

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A trip to Fish Leong Concert

We went to Kuala Lumpur on 12~ 13 June 09
A small refreshing break at mid 2009
Walking along Jalan Alur to our Hotel
Lui, Chiai Lian, Mi@n & Dennis
Stop by and take photo of us.
Mi@n & Yeo
Reach at Imperial Hotel
Room view.
After rest at Hotel.
Have a small walk to Berjaya Time Square
In front of B.B.Q Plaza
Mi@n , BBQ Dragon, Yeo
Wei Hong & Si Min
GASoline Cafe @ Time Square..
For refreshing Drinks
Direct take LRT from to Bukit Jalil
Concert start at 8.00 pm
Able to have some snack at side of stadium
Mi@n too hungry until didn't see the camera.
Posting in front of Fish Leong Poster
Outside Stadium
Wei Hong & Si Min
Another post
Inside Stadium Bukit Jalil
Fish Leong Concert
Enjoyable night
@ Jalan Alur
Forget the name of the Restaurant dy...
Walk Walk @ Sungei Wang
Mian & Hong
Esquire Kitchen @ Sungai Wang
Wall painting
Lovely Yeo & Mian
Lovely couple to be....
Tau fu fa with ice cream
Shanghai Siew Lung Pao
Kuai Lin Gou
Mian & Yeo with Dessert & Dim Sum
Later back to Kuantan......
Missing the good moment together.
Hope to have another unforgetable and memorable moment soon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A day at Kemaman Zoo , Kuala Terengganu.

11 Apr 2009
Kemaman Zoo, Kuala Terengganu
A day trip
Grand Openning
Happy smiling....Wei Hong and Bird Wow. Very big elephant!!!
First time see a real elephant.
Elephant posting for single shot
Two elephant posting
RM 5 per person on today.
Yeo on elephant.
Si Min & Wei Hong on elephant.
Otter waiting to be freed
Lovely photo
Forest Deer
Giant fish approaching......
Danger!!! Coming nearer and nearer....
Luckily no bites me....
But it still aiming at my hand...
Si Min with Giant Fishes
Two GIANT fish together.
Side view...
Front view....
Angry turtle.
"Who the hack catch him and put him into this Zoo!!!"
Posting in front of camera.
Ostrich baby.

Advertisement picture...

Thats all my on day trip.

Valentine day, Swiss Garden 2009

14 Feb 2009
Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Kuantan Pahang
Valentine Days!!!
Romantic moments
Mi@n & Yeo arrived...Photograph session after buffet dinner
Happy picsBlessed together
Affectionate photo
Photo that seems only suitable for people going to marry....
Yeo and joyful Mi@n
artistic surrounding...
Love, love, love .....
Again... Love, love, love.....
Wei Hong, Flower & Si Min
Unforgetable moment....